Services for promoters

THE JMC GROUP has developed a department specializing in the customer approach of our promoters

Each developer has a very specific vision of choice that he wishes to offer to his buyers as much in terms of human experience for buyers who create their home. The choice of materials that corresponds to a decor imagined, desired and hoped for for months, even years, as much at the level of rational choices for experienced buyers who are looking for materials corresponding to the current trend and which will continue to provide them with a profitable investment over time. over the years for rental or resale.

Personalized meeting by appointment at our design center

To do this, we offer options adapted to the client approach according to the promoter's wishes.

When the promoter has completed the inclusion selection that corresponds to his project:

Personalized support

We take care of your customer. The client is invited by appointment to a meeting during which he is accompanied by a designer dedicated to the project who will present the previously chosen inclusions, support him and guide him according to his expectations. The client will have the services of a designer to answer their questions and suggest ideas.

Extended Range

Also, it would be possible, with the prior agreement of the promoter, for buyers to choose from a wider range of products than those offered with the standard inclusions in the “upgrade” formula. Management (choice and invoicing) is done directly by JMC. Subsequently, a rebate is given to the developer for any “upgrade” addition made by buyers via the Espace Bois JMC design center. When the meeting is over, we forward to the promoter the detailed choice of what was selected.

Selection display

For developers who prefer that the choice of finishes be made directly at their facility (sales office, model condo, etc.) we prepare selection displays with which it will be easy for them to meet their client and complete the choice of finishes;

Designer service

We can also offer the service of a designer to advise the promoter during the process of marketing a project. We will offer him different products taking into account his construction plans and budgets.

The presentation of the proposed products will take place following meetings with the promoter to find out the vision of his project, the approach he recommends and the environment in which he wishes to offer it in order to clearly understand his expectations.

One meeting and you will be won over!

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