Construction plan design

Designing a construction plan is a crucial step for the success of any project. At Espace Bois JMC, we combine technical expertise and a sense of aesthetics to develop detailed tailor-made plans, guaranteeing a realization faithful to your vision.

Your construction plan

With Espace Bois JMC, you will obtain all the details relating to construction plans. These details include precise dimensions, required materials, and step-by-step instructions. This information is not only essential for construction, but also for predicting the time and cost of the project.

Demolition/construction plan

For every transformation, it is essential to have a clear vision from start to finish. Our plans outline every step, whether for a demolition or a new residential project, ensuring a trouble-free start, no matter the scenario.

Development plan

To optimize every square centimeter of your space, our team designs judicious layout plans, maximizing functionality while respecting the aesthetics of your project.

Electrical plan / lighting plan

Lighting can transform a space. Our electrical and lighting plans are designed to guarantee optimal light distribution, while ensuring safety and compliance with standards. We always ensure ingenious and accessible design in the spaces we design.

Finished plan / material estimate

Every detail counts. Our finishing plans accurately describe the materials, textures and colors, while our quotes guarantee a clear and transparent estimate of the associated costs to allow adequate budget management.

Required elevations and cuts

View your project from every angle. Our elevations and sections offer a detailed perspective of each element, guaranteeing a production faithful to the initial design by calculating each element necessary for your construction.

Construction quote

Transparency is always essential in our approach. We provide a detailed construction estimate, providing an overview of associated costs, stages of completion, as well as deadlines.