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The success of a project lies in careful planning. 100% turnkey or according to your needs , our designers pay particular attention to each stage of your project, guaranteeing a result that will meet your expectations.

Successful turnkey project with an interior designer

Planning a design project can seem like a daunting task. The role of a professional interior designer is to advise you, in order to maximize your investment! At Espace Bois JMC, it is crucial that our interior designers have construction and execution experience, in order to make your plans a reality. Our interior designers know how important your budget is. We can make an incredible design for a small or large budget.

Creation of space in your image

Plan design

We support you in developing your vision, transforming your ideas into a concrete plan.

Choice of materials

Our materials library for all budgets offers you a variety of trendy materials to bring your concept to life.

Decorating tips

Our designers, experts in originality and functionality, ensure that your project is both beautiful and practical.

Cabinetmaking plan

It is essential to have cabinetmaking plans that belong to you! This is the only way to be able to obtain comparable quotes, in order to be able to negotiate your project. Our interior designers will be able to specify all possible details for future layout.

Window covering

Add a finishing touch to your space with our window treatment solutions to highlight natural light.


Details that make all the difference. We will know how to choose the accessories to complete your design.

Partnership for the realization of your interior and renovation projects

There's nothing more exciting than embarking on a new interior design or renovation project. However, in order for it to be exciting, it is important to have an experienced interior designer. Espace Bois JMC is therefore a reliable partner who offers you exceptional interior design services in 3 steps:


We turn your ideas into a concrete plan, helping you choose the perfect materials for your space.


Using our cutting-edge tools, we quickly and accurately estimate the cost of work for your project.


Quality is our priority. Our team, made up of the best specialists, ensures that each stage is carried out flawlessly.

A professional and creative interior designer

The designer does not just create an aesthetic product. He ensures the functionality of your project, working closely with all stakeholders to ensure flawless completion.

The work of an interior designer is not limited to design, but also extends to project management. They are there to listen to your needs, your tastes and comments. In fact, an interior designer's ultimate goal is to create a space that reflects your personality while remaining functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Discovering interior design: a sensory experience

Interior design is an art that combines aesthetics, functionality and comfort. At Espace Bois JMC, we have mastered this art to perfection, offering interior design solutions that reflect your personality while optimizing the use of each space.

Starting a design project is a real sensory adventure with Espace Bois JMC. As a planning company, our materials library allows you to immerse yourself in the multiple possibilities available to you!

Renovating your house: when the investment becomes profitable

A home renovation is not only an exciting investment, but it can also become extremely profitable. As an interior designer at Espace Bois JMC, we fully understand that a house is not just a house, but a living space. We transform your home according to your personal needs and tastes while maintaining market value. Our interior designers are experienced in interpreting needs, ideating concepts, planning projects, and implementing cutting-edge design techniques to add value to your home.

Unlock the beauty of interior design

When it comes to plan design, Espace Bois JMC is your preferred partner. Our design expertise allows us to support you step by step in developing your vision. By transforming your ideas and aspirations into a concrete, detailed plan, we ensure that every element of your space is meticulously thought out and optimized to meet your needs.

Window covering service

Window treatment is much more than just a decorative element; it plays a crucial role in the enhancement and functionality of your space. At Espace Bois JMC, we offer a specialized service and expert advice in window coverings. Whether you are looking to control brightness, enhance your privacy or simply add a refined aesthetic touch, our window covering solutions are designed to meet your needs while enhancing your interior.

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