Project management

Construction project management and project development with Espace bois JMC

Construction project management is an art that requires expertise, precision and impeccable coordination. At Espace Bois, we control each facet of this process, ensuring smooth completion of the project and in line with your expectations.

Coordination of subcontractors

The success of a project relies on harmonious collaboration between the different stakeholders. We take care of the coordination of subcontractors, ensuring perfect synchronization of the work and coherent progress of the site.

Purchasing administration and management

Every purchase for the project is crucial to the progress of the construction or renovation. The experience of our team allows us to manage and administer your purchases with rigor, ensuring the quality, relevance and profitability of each acquisition while limiting losses.

Organization of deliveries

Punctuality is essential in project management. We orchestrate the organization of deliveries, ensuring that each material and equipment arrives on site at the right time, thus avoiding any delays or inconveniences.

Quality control

Throughout the project, we carry out rigorous checks, ensuring that each stage meets the highest standards in terms of quality and requirements.

Management of unforeseen events

We all know that a construction site can be full of surprises. Our team is trained to respond quickly, offering effective solutions to maintain project progress without compromising the quality of your project and your materials.

Impairment assessment

As we approach completion, we carry out a careful assessment to identify any deficiencies. If adjustments are necessary, we intervene quickly to guarantee an impeccable result. With Espace Bois, your construction project is in the hands of experts. From start to finish, we pay attention to every detail, ensuring a completion that exceeds your expectations.

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