Site preparation

site preparation

Preparing the site is a crucial step to ensure the smooth running of your project. We are doing everything we can to ensure that this phase is carried out rigorously.

Let's plan your work

Ensuring the real success of your work generally depends on the quality of the plan and estimate designed. At Espace Bois JMC, a company recognized in the field of construction in Quebec, we provide you with our plans and quotes adapted to your expectations. Our experts take into account every technical detail through a complete technical plan to bring your project to life.

Calculation of quantities

Our team of experts makes sure to carefully calculate the quantities needed for your project, thus avoiding losses and unnecessary expenses. Thanks to our cutting-edge tools, we guarantee an accurate estimate tailored to your needs to minimize potential financial risks.

Final choice of materials

Your satisfaction is our priority. This is why we support you in the final choice of materials. Our materials library is full of quality options to bring your vision to life. Our interior designers are here to guide you, ensuring that each material chosen blends seamlessly into your space.

Supplier search

With an extensive network of partners, Espace Bois makes it easier to find suppliers. We select the best on the market for you, guaranteeing quality and durability for your project. We will always find excellent partners to bring your ideas to life.

Request for quotes

Few people enjoy managing quote requests. Save time and energy by entrusting us with the request for quotes. Our team takes care of everything from writing to receiving bids, ensuring you get the best possible proposals.

Submission Tracking

Staying within your budget also requires rigorous monitoring of submissions, ensuring that each proposal meets your expectations and your financial constraints. Fortunately, our experience allows us to take care of this for you.

Preparation of the overall budget

Our team prepares a detailed overall budget, giving you a clear overview of the costs associated with your project. With Espace Bois, no surprises, just solid financial planning that you can approve or revise with the necessary support when presenting the budget.

Budget presentation

We will present the budget to you clearly, while answering your questions. Our goal is to provide you with a hassle-free experience, where each step is explained in detail for complete understanding.

Management of delivery times

Espace Bois is committed to managing delivery times. With our teams, each step is respected, guaranteeing finalization on time.