Live the Espace Bois JMC experience

Live the Espace Bois JMC experience

Avant-garde Creative Space

An avant-garde creative space with more than 20,000 square feet of ideas.

An unforgettable moment

Our goal is to make you experience an unforgettable moment when planning, choosing materials for your project or your future environment.

Design Center

A brand new design center-material library established in St-Eustache, on the North Shore of Montreal. With 25 years of experience!

Designer services

Good planning is the key to carrying out a successful project!

Our team is qualified to guide you, orient you and advise you in the development and realization of your project, in addition to being a proud partner in your success!

Here, we like to guide you.

Your partner for your large-scale construction & renovation projects!


Espace Bois JMC offers more than 20,000 sq. ft. of ideas.

Are you building or renovating your house and looking for finishing materials? Visit our design center, a materials library with an incredible selection of materials. Cabinetwork, countertops, floor coverings, wall coverings, window coverings and wallpaper, interior finishing, stairs, exterior design in a unique and friendly space. Our team of designers is on hand to advise and inspire you.

Here we like to guide you


Explorez de nouvelles opportunités avec FinanceIt, notre partenaire financier de confiance. Ce programme offre la flexibilité financière nécessaire pour concrétiser vos projets les plus ambitieux, que ce soit des rénovations domiciliaires, des améliorations énergétiques ou d'autres projets. FinanceIt simplifie le processus de financement avec des conditions avantageuses, des plans personnalisés et une approbation rapide. Libérez le potentiel de vos idées dès aujourd'hui avec l'appui solide de FinanceIt.

Construction services

Residential, rental & commercial.

Here, we like to support you from the beginning to the end of your project, or in part according to your needs, whether for a new construction, a self-construction or a renovation.

Live the JMC moment.